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Founded by Rev. Ramban G M Skariya on 22 July 2006, this institution is affliated to Karnataka State Syllabus. Sri Avinas Shetty was the founder Principal of this school and has led to major development of the school.

Saint Mary's Syrian Cathedral

General Information

Aims and Objectives

  1. To provide proper schooling to younger generation by giving value education.
  2. To cultivate values like truth, forgiveness, self sacrifice, love, honesty, justice and concern for others.
  3. To train student with high IQ and build them culturally and morally strong.
  4. To inculcate the sense of co-operation in addition to competition.
  5. To develop capacity to speak in English and Kannada.
  6. To generate a sense of involvement by the parents in the upliftment of institution.

School Uniform

  1. Students shall attend the school only in the prescribed uniform on all working days.
  2. Boys should have a decent hair cut, long hair and fashionable hair styles etc will not be entertained in the school.
  3. Dishevelled hair for girls is strictly forbidden. Girls should avoid valuable and tinkling ornaments.
  4. It is the duty of the parents to see that their children go to school in their prescribed uniform and they are neat and tidy

Examinations and tests

  1. The school conducts tests and examinations and the performance will bee taken into account at the time of promotion
  2. Progress Report cards will be given to all tests and examinations and parents are requested to examine and sign them.
  3. Students must not be absent for any of the tests/exams except when prevented by reason of health in which case a medical certificate should be submitted.

Instructions to the students

  1. Students must be present in school in time.
  2. Be respectful and obedient to teachers and other staff
  3. Come out  of your classroom during authorized breaks only.
  4. Regular attendance in class is an important factor of good education. For every absence a written request signed by the parents must be made.
  5. Once students come to school, they have to attend the whole day unless in case of emergency.
  6. In case of serious illness and absence for more than five days the principal must be informed in writing.
  7. Take care of your belongings while at school. The school will not take responsibility for any lost articles including money or valuable which are not advisable to be brought to school.
  8. Keep your classrooms neat.
  9. Maintain order and discipline in the classroom and in the campus.
  10. Letters addressed to the students of the school are subjected to the scrutiny of the principal.
  11. Students are expected to wish the principal and members of the staff  whenever they meet them.
  12. while the students are always welcome to approach the principal, they should not, however enter the principal’s chamber without permission.
  13. Will full damages to the property of the school books, furniture, water and electrical installation etc will have to be paid for such loss/damages will have to be made good by the student concerned or by all the students of the class concerned as the case may be. The decision of the principal is final in these matters.
  14. Periodically the school organizes debates, quiz, singing competitions etc. that the students may develop the power of public speaking and acquire the quality of leadership
  15. Games and physical education is given special importance during the school hours. Special coaching will be given. Students are also trained to participate in the various inter school competitions.